CBIZ Wellness Solutions

Announcing: The 2013 Edington Next Practice Awards


CBIZ is a national leader in developing and implementing health and productivity strategies and wellness programs, with more than 15 years of work in the field. Today's savvy employers are continuing to search for ways to manage ever-increasing health care costs in a highly competitive environment as they strive to remain a high-performing organization. Even if you have never thought of your employees' wellbeing as "your business," it is a fundamental fact that you need healthy and productive workers to maximize your business and financial objectives, and drive sustainable growth. The best way to control health care expenditures is to avoid them in the first place. And when you have preventable costs, you should effectively manage their reduction.

CBIZ understands that genuine cost control goes much deeper than benefit coverage, deductible levels or provider networks. Ultimately, it's about developing and maintaining a healthy and productive employee population to reduce health conditions that fuel claims and premium increases. That's why we've created the most comprehensive proven wellness program on the market. By implementing CBIZ Wellness Solutions, you can restrain soaring costs and boost productivity. For CBIZ clients, the result has been lower trend in health care premiums, improved health and productivity of their employees, and improved health of their covered dependents.

Using CBIZ Wellness Solutions, we will help you identify and address the root causes that underlie rising health care costs in your organization.

CBIZ understands what works in a wellness program...and what doesn't. Further, we understand the "how to" our clients need to help them bridge the gap between the problem and the solution. Our Wellness Solutions initiative represents the culmination of that knowledge, along with many years' work in the field with strategic partners and health management industry experts who are some of the most innovative, expert minds in the arena.

There's been no shortage of rhetoric in recent years about the importance of wellness and productivity programs. But only CBIZ has moved the concept from theory to practical reality by creating an empircal, systematic approach which addresses the root causes and helps emloyers have a truly revolutionary effect on their health care costs and productivity. Tools designed to align the employees' interests with those of their employer and create employee self-leaders - the result being a workforce that is actively decreasing its own health risks - is at the heart of the CBIZ strategic approach.